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Is RIDE EPIC! right for you?


Our tours and cycling holidays are specifically aimed at and designed for serious and ambitious riders with advanced riding skills and a very good fitness level who want to push their limits and have lots of fun in the process.


Here are some general characteristics of our guests:



  • You have a high quality mountain bike suited to the relevant style of riding and in perfect shape.

  • You can manage technical terrain, like rocky steep sections up- and downhill, roots, rock gardens and terrain features such as berms and natural humps.

  • You are comfortable riding some jumps and features or would not mind trying.

  • You have a very good level of cycling fitness, exercise at least three to four times per week for at least an hour at a time all year round.

  • You can ride a mountain bike for up to six hours a day at a moderate pace, with lunch and photo stops, for three or more consecutive days

  • You have no problem conquering at least 2 - 3 climbs a day, up to 600 metres each.


Below will help you to classify your skill and fitness level.


  • You have been mountain biking for at least 3 years, and have solid intermediate skills

  • You can handle rugged terrain so that you don’t get off your bike too often.

  • You can handle terrain that is technical with smaller rocks and roots, small drops/roll-ins.

  • You can climb on single-track even if it is technical.


  • You have been mountain biking for at least 4 years and are very confident in all aspects of riding.

  • You can handle most technical terrain, including rocky and root trails, along with features such as switchbacks, medium level drops, small jumps.

  • You are comfortable riding most advanced level trails.


  • You have been mountain biking for over 6 years and are confident riding all types of terrain and distances.

  • You ride as often as possible and can handle very technical terrain such as steep roll-ins, drops and medium to large jumps.

  • You can descend technical steep sections and climb technical single-track.

  • You have participated in some XC, Enduro or DH races.

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