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BikeYoke was founded in 2016 by 2 industry insiders and MTB maniacs with the goal of producing nothing but the most innovative and best mountainbike components available on the market.

We started with shock extensions (yokes) for Specialized mountainbikes allowing to install aftermarket instead of the proprietary shocks on Specialized bikes, hence the name BikeYoke.
Ever since the beginning, we wanted to market a dropper post, which we could put in all the experience in dropper design we´ve gained over the past decade.

The result was the BikeYoke REVIVE, a groundbreaking design, that rocked the dropper world. Reams of dropper shootout wins in magazines all over the planet proved unrivaled performance and reliability up to date. Bike manufacturers soon started to take notice and began to spec our REVIVE as original components of their bikes.

Ibis Cycles, EVIL Bikes, Norco, Propain, Alutech, Spot Bikes, BH Bikes, Pole, Pyga, Whyte Bikes, Last Bikes, Nicolai are just a few of the brands trusting our products. Needless to say we´re very proud to be partners of such renowned brands and athletes we´re sponsoring in EWS and MTB World Cup Racing.

Knowing that standing still means losing ground, we´re never resting, always improving our products and creating new stuff, that your bike definitely wants.


Freerider Apparel was started in 2018 while Shaun, the Company Owner,  ran a Downhill Race team based in South Wales, UK.

After searching long and hard for a team kit and being unhappy with the quality and poor design he was getting he decided a fresh approach was needed. With a background in art and design and a passion for biking he decided to put two and two together and to do it himself. The aim initially was to make sure the team was provided with quality kit. This soon turned into an obsession as product development started. The MTB kit scene for racers, weekend warrior clubs or lone riders at the time looked like it was stuck in a time warp with poor quality and very poor fit.   

Over time the team kit was getting noticed on the race circuit and before long Shaun was product designing and making kits for many other teams. The new prime fit, race ready, race cut products were allowing anyone to be kitted in great quality, great fitting totally bespoke designs at prices everyone could afford.

We have been lucky enough to develop our hobbies and passion into one of the most forward thinking, expressive and exciting bespoke apparel companies around. We put customers ideas into reality and provide a full line of custom jerseys, shorts, trousers, tees, hoodies, jackets and anything else customers want to create.

A high quality interactive design process allows anyone to create their very own team kit keeping you totally fresh on the trails.

Logo design services, stickers, OEM branding services also available.

Put simply - You dream it, We Make it.


WILD AIR is an engagement marketing, content and digital media company born out of the need for brands, experiences and events to make meaningful, engaging and impactful connections with their consumers & partners. The digital age presents a fast paced, ever changing and dynamic business environment making it increasingly difficult for brands to make unique connections with their existing and potential consumers.

 Connecting with consumers through experiences is an effective way of cutting through the clutter and creating lasting, meaningful and profitable relationships. Trust, conversation and collaboration are at the core of what we do.

WILD AIR works with brands to conceptualise, create, develop and capitalise on a wide range of experiential marketing opportunities. From impactful experiences to immersive digital campaigns, we strive to tell authentic brand stories that resonate with consumers and provide them with a reason to belong.

WILD AIR works with events to create brands out of their experiences. We create and develop assets that deliver real returns in the form of profit, sponsorship and media outcomes. We develop robust, measurable and current marketing strategies (digital focus) around these experiences to ensure that overall objectives are achieved. Content is only as effective as the outcomes it delivers, in line with that, we develop robust media strategies across the ATL, BTL and digital media platforms. 

WILD AIR offers class leading event digital media and broadcast solutions. Working with events, we develop effective content strategies to ensure that what we produce is relevant, informative, easily accessible and engaging. Having a progressive understanding of brand, strategy, marketing, content and digital media puts WILD AIR in an ideal position to maximise outcomes for our clients. 

If you are a local bicycle guide company in an exciting destination and offer professional multi-day mountain bike, gravel or road bike experiences then we would like to hear from you.

Please send us an email to:


If you are a brand in the cycling, sports nutrition or tourism industry and would like to collaborate with RIDE EPIC! then let’s have that conversation.

Please send us an email to:

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